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Build My PC, PC Builder

We list Components

We provide a list of various components to select from to make your high-end PC as per your need.

Build My PC, Computer Builder

Check the Compatibility

Each selected components is precisely checked with the compatibility with other components.

Build My PC, Build Your Own PC

Create High-End PC

At the end of the compatibility test, a custom pc list is created and stored to buy at your ease.

Some Frequently Asked Questions!

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BuildMyPC is a custom PC builder website, which allows you to build your own custom PC best possible as per your budget. Users can easily compare various available components under their budget in terms of their features and prices from different retailers online so users can decide which component to choose accordingly.

BuildMyPC provides its users with various features and functionality like compatibility checkers, listing their builds, sharing their Rigs, price drop alert, various kinds of filters to filters the component you like.

BuildMyPC is a site build by keeping in mind to provide its users with what's best in the market. Anyone can create the custom PC with the help of our tool as we undergo various compatibility tests for all the components so that only compatible parts are provided to their users.

The website was substantially got live in July 2019 and still undergoes a huge development to provide its users only with the best. It almost took us 3years and still counting to make such a stable website.

As for the R&D, the research for this website takes around 1year and the initial development of BuildMyPC takes around 2Years to develop with the help of the bulk of experienced developers.

It takes much effort and deep knowledge about the computers to build such websites. According to us, the only best website other than us is pcpartpicker.com which also provides with the best compatibility for your pc building.

Whether it is pcpartpicker.com or buildmypc.net or any other, each of the websites are created by keeping in mind to provide its users with the best compatible pc. Each of such pc builder websites are working hard to make their visitors happy. You can use any of these websites you like to make your custom PC.

Build My PC keeps a closer look on the compatibility of each component with one another and always try to provide you with the compatible components. We also have various algorithms which fetch all the latest data to provide you with the precious information about each of the component so that you won't have any issues in buying all the components.

As of now, Build My PC is only using Amazon as it's merchant to buy components and various PC's. We are currently working to increase the merchants and will be providing all the merchants as soon as possible on Build My PC.

BuildMyPC website is currently funded through the affiliate programs provided by Amazon.com, BestBuy Affiliate, and Google AdSense.

The BuildMyPC is owned and run by some Indian tech geeks.

The only reason the BuildMyPC is started because there is no best service available in the market which provides users with the lastest components to make their builds. When it comes to build a PC the users have to work hard due to lack of knowledge about the various PC components and in the end, many of us just get compromised with some low build component.

But now, with the availability of BuildMyPC, the users can easily build their dream PC with just a little bit of knowledge, without any worries and stress.

We provide easy to use UI and UX with tons of compatibility algorithm that makes it much easier to select the custom PC parts. With the use of our PC Builder, users have already built more than 225600+ PCs and the counting is still going on.