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Who Are We ?

We are a group of some really enthusiastic PC professionals who are working really hard to offer a unique but amusing service that allows every person to make their own choice of custom PC even if you do not have much knowledge in technology.
Compatible setups and updated pricing is something that should appeal you to choose us. We love what we do, and that is the sole reason of providing top-notch service to you all.

What Are We ?

We are a website, especially came into existence to serve you with all your custom PC desires.
We provide computer part selection to choose as per your choice and also as per the compatibility of your existing machine. Apart from that, our website projects a wide range of products to choose from as per your budget.
We are everything you need to build a custom personal computer. There are other companies or startups providing the same service, but what makes us different is the simplicity and ease we offer while making your desired custom PC.

What Are We Trying To Achieve ?

We strive to deliver a decent platform for you to build a custom PC as per your choice & budget.
Besides, we have 3 pre-build PC categories to save you from all technical hassles and make it easier for you to choose the PC of your choice.
There is nothing we will not do to make sure that you get what you were looking for. We came into existence not just to achieve any position in the market but to deliver satisfaction through our custom based service, which allows you to build your PC by yourself.