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Phanteks 120mm, PWM, High Static Pressure Radiator Retail Cooling Fan PH-F120MP_BK_PWM

Technical Information

Fan RPM:
500 - 1800 RPM
53.3 CFM
Noise Level:
25 dB

Product Features

  • The new redeveloped blades in PH-F120MP are angled lower to achieve higher air pressure. The redesigned MVB II blades generate better airflow and produces better performance.
  • It improves the balance of airflow and air pressure when using with as a cooler fan or case fan. The PH-F120MP has a larger base size with a magnetic brushless DC motor to avoid the effects of resonance and for rotational stability.
  • To create better structural strength, Phanteks redesigned the back frame of the PH-F120MP. Phanteks fans now comes with pre-installed rubber pads to help reduce vibration occurrences.
  • With the noise reduction challenges in mind, we modified the component for lower actuator noise, PCBA for lower electromagnetic noise, brushless motor structure for lower operating noise and frame rib for lower wind and vibration noise.
  • The new seven high static pressure MVB II blades are precisely angled to generate a silent controlled airflow.
  • The blades produces a downdraft vortex allowing for greater amount of air passage through and reduce airflow turbulence across the surface of the blades to create significantly better performance and airflow while keeping noise to a minimum.
  • Composed by MOSS and SSC systems, Phanteks' UFB bearings have an effective hub-tip ratio to achieve a state of equilibrium reducing air and vibration noise.
  • PH-F120MP_PWM's PWM functions allow users to adjust speed from 500 - 1800 RPM. Higher speed for performance and lower for silent operation by motherboard control. Eight pre-installed rubber pads are now bigger and designed to reduce more vibration.