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Cryorig QF120 Silent 120mm PWM Fan 200-1000RPM CR-QFB

Technical Information

Fan RPM:
200 - 1000 RPM
44 CFM
Noise Level:
5 - 19 dB

Product Features

  • Proprietary Quad Air Inlet system features four strategically placed aerodynamic air inlet that allows for extra air intake.
  • HPLN (High Precision Low Noise) bearing system, offering stable and precision rotation eliminating excess vibration and noise.
  • Four pin Pulse Width Modification (PWM) RPM spin speed control ultra wide range RPM settings. Roughly 34% more selection range than the system fans from competitors. *some RPM speeds are only available through PWM control.
  • Integrated Vibration Absorbers built in, nullifies fan vibration.
  • Ultra low RPM speeds of 200~1000 RPM with the minimum noise level of 5 dBA.