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Cryorig H5 Universal CR-H5A Mid Tower CPU Heatsink

Technical Information

Fan RPM:
700 - 1300 RPM
Noise Level:
20 - 24 dB

Product Features

  • Proprietary Hive Fin System for airflow optimization, air turbulence reduction, added heat dissipation area, Jet Fin Acceleration System, and structural support.
  • Heatpipe Displacement Optimization allows for better and more evenly spread heat conduction on the fins compared to traditional linear alignment.
  • Jet Fin Acceleration System squeezes airflow and increases exhaust air speed. The increase of airflow speed in our Jet Fin Acceleration System allows heated air to leave the tower faster.
  • Support Processors INTEL LGA2066/1151/1150/1155/1156 AMD FM1/FM2/AM4/3/2
  • Dimension (with fan) L98 mm x W143 mm x H160 mm