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Cooler Master MasterLiquid Pro 280 CPU Cooler

Technical Information

Cooler Master
Fan RPM:
650 - 2200 RPM
Noise Level:
6 - 30 dB

Product Features

  • Preserving parts - The Liquid heated by the CPU is isolated from sensitive components using two chambers in the pump
  • Maximizing absorption - The water block, customized and packed densely with micro-fine plates, absorbs more heat from the CPU than traditional designs
  • Zoning in on heat - Liquid is funneled directly at the hottest part of the CPU and carried away quickly through technology normally used in high-end DIY models
  • Recycling the cool - Heated liquid is more efficiently cooled through a completely unique radiator fin design
  • Getting it out - Heat in the radiator fins is expelled far out of the case by the new MasterFan Pro Air Balance fan