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Thermaltake Contac Silent 12 150W INTEL/AM5/AMD (LGA 1200/AM4) Support 120mm PWM CPU Cooler CL-P039-AL12BL-A

Technical Information

Contac Silent 12
Fan RPM:
400 to 1500 RPM
Noise Level:
22.1 to 28.8 dBA

Product Features

  • LGA 1200/AM5/AM4 Ready (No Bracket Required) Universal Socket Compatibility for all the latest Intel/AMD CPU Socket
  • Supports up to 150W Intel CPUs
  • Affordable CPU cooler with excellent cooling performance
  • High Airflow Fan Blade Design: Achieve the optimal cooling performance and generate large volume of air passing through the heatsink at any angle
  • Long Life Hydraulic Bearing for Reliable and Silent Operation
  • Superior Heat Dissipation: Direct Copper Contac 4x Ø6mm Solid Copper Heat-pipes
  • Optimized Silent Operation: Low-Noise Cable can reduce 24% of noise level